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SMO For Fun Tournament Results

Posted By SpoOkyGames On: 2015-03-16 23:10:17

SpoOkyGames: Like/Dislike the results, it is what I got. They are not 100% accurate due to many reasons but, I just went with it... So, here are the results...

KcHecKa: I Created that table. you're welcome! HAHA. Took a while but its done. Also, some users were cut out.

(Note: Used Reverse Point System)

Database Results (OpenOffice)

Thanks to everyone that participated/joined. It may of been a complete failure but, we learned from it though. Future tournaments will need to be MUCH more planned out.
SMO FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted By KcHecKa On: 2015-02-25 15:38:22

KcHecKa: SpoOkyGames has created a pretty good FAQ which can be found here. If you have any questions about StepMania Online or just (StepMania in general), I suggest checking here first before asking in the Chat.

SMO For Fun Tournament

Posted By KcHecKa On: 2015-02-23 14:33:17

(Banner created by JunkoXXX)

SpoOkyGames: The Date of the Tournament has been voted to be on [March 14, 2015] and the time will be [17:00 - 19:00]. If the date does not agree with you, please let me know if you wish to drop out so we can move Reserves in.

KcHecKa: If you need help with time conversion, use this website as the Tournament will be using EST.

SpoOkyGames: The Daylight Savings Time change will occur March 8, 2015! Be sure to recheck your times for the tournament everyone!

SpoOkyGames: Here is the completed Song List:

(Removed/Too Long)

SpoOkyGames: I have made a post about how the day will go here:


SpoOkyGames: Also, don't forget to read the rules!


SpoOkyGames: An alternative Song List was suggested.

(Removed/Too Long)
Yolomania 3 Released!

Posted By foxfire667 On: 2014-07-25 15:56:51

Looking for some more intense keyboard action, and lots of it?
If so, this pack has got you covered!

Click Banner to Download (and here for a setlist)

Type: Keyboard (Very Hard)
Files: 114 (More than YoloMania 1 and 2 combined!)
Size: 791mb

Your fingers will thank you with their cries of agony, so what are you waiting for?
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